Obviously Innovative Design

Is this the erectric?
No, this is the acoustic travel size guitar.
You can hold the guitar collectlly standing and sitting position.
You fix your elbow at its body.
Side Sound Hole for your monitoring.
Attach the iPhone by magnetic power.
AUX Stereo output, earphone jack.


It makes varaety of tones portable.
Easily use the best guitar apps without any extra hardware.
You don't need pedals and heavy guitar amplifier anymore.
Recording, Playing, Lessons..Everything is here!

Use Your Mobile Speaker

Use your ordinaly mobile speaker instead of guitar amp & cabinet.
You can choose one from many options of weight, size, power, waterploof, price, design, color, etc.
Of course, You don't need any speaker, earphone, even iPhone.
Remember This is just an Acoustic Guitar!


Size:32in x 8.6in x 2.1in (Body thickness) (812mm x 220mm x 55mm)
Neck: Bolt-On, 22fret, 24in(310mm) scale, Tras Rod installed
2 Soundhole
Material: We will not use Rosewood.
Environmentally friendly and Purse friendly.

On the upper part of the guitar side
  • Magnet for fixing iPhone
  • Sound hole for monitoring
  • earphone jack
are arranged.

By using a magnet to fix the iPhone,
You do not have to consider the size of the iOS device.
(It is necessary to bond the small steel plate to the iPhone case.)

As a result of installing the soundhole in the upper part,
the size of the body was small, the sound you heard did not become small.

To connect with the iPhone,
pull out  a mini plug from the monitor soundhole.

In case of iPhone 5 size, the screen is between 14 frets and 22 frets,
it does not interfere with your performance,
it is in a position easy to see and operate.

Aux stereo output is prepared under the body side.
Connect from here to the AUX IN of the mobile speaker with a stereo phone plug.
By placing Jack in this position,
it became possible to stand the guitar even without a guitar stand.


The iPhone-Powered Elga Guitar Makes tons of tones portable.

You can access to the garaxy of iPhone apps for Guitar without any other equipment. And..
You are released from the weight of the guitar amp and pedals.

Make Your Supreme Tone

There are amazing Amprifier Simulator Apps!

These are simulating a lot of legendary amps and pedals perfectly,
and in addition there are things that can boost up, dual amps,
and even cabinet replacement, which is difficult in reality.

App Name JumUp Pro Amplitube Ampkit+ ToneStack ToneBridge
Max Amps 61 42 30 46 Simulate 9000+ songs
Max Pedals 50 57 30 101
Free Version
  Modifiable     Dual Amp  


Murti Track Recording

If you get drums and bass loops on the internet and paste them on tracks of these apps,
you can easily create demo tracks simply by recording your own guitar.
and if you need guitar backing track, visit here.

Record Your Inspiration at The End of The World.

GarageBand Loopy BANDLab Cubasis2 FL Studio

Backup Band, Song Writing

If you enter chord progression, tempo, style of song,
these back band apps will support your performance.
Blues, Rock, Jazz, Calypso, Salsa you can go anything.

iReal Pro Chordbot Session Band Band Creator Backing Tracks Creator


They provide efficient lessons through games and video.
It's means the Elga Guitar is the perfect choice for the guitar biginners.

Coach Guitar Yousician Uber Chord Fender Play Lick of the Day


These applications are free. But the most important thing is that
they can be tuned more easily than dedicated hardware.

GuitarTuna PanoTuner Tuner T1


You can access more than 200,000 guitar tabs instantly.
It's easier as you can see the tab at hand.
They also play drums, bass, keyboard parts at your back.
With loops and tempo down, you can easily learn songs.

Tab Pro Songsterr TEFview

Mixer etc

You can use more than one app at a time.



Get the Legendary Big Sound from a tiny mobile speaker

By using an Amp simulator app in iPhone,
Your mobile speaker turn to be a Speaker Cabinet.
You don't need to bring the huge system by a car.
Moutain, Beach, Camping, Campus, Poolside,
You can bring an electric guitar sound to a place you could not think about before.

Choose one from a lot of choice

Amazon.com posts over 2000 battery-powered mobile speakers,
even if it narrows to more than four stars.

Best seller ones are around $30 only.
You can choose by power, size, weight, sound, waterproof, price..

If you do not know what to buy, you'd better to search them at youtube.
A number of popular youtubers introduce the product in detail.
I always check this German youtuber.
He uses binaural recordings,
you can compare and listen to various equipment in your room.

Traditional Guitar Sound

You can use mobile speakers for parties and earphones for recording.
Also, when you practice alone, you don't need the earphone.
The speaker sound of 
iPhone and the guitar acoustic sounds are loud enough.
Of course, even without an iPhone,
this guitar can be used as a traditional acoustic guitar.




Let me introduce my 4 persona.


Why did I think about this guitar

Only Martin Backpacker remained

When I emigrated to India as an expat in 2010, I had to dispose of almost all instruments, and only Martin Backpacker remained. This was left because the AC/DC members autographed the bodyfront and Malcolm Young played a legendary riff of "Back in Black" in front of me. Originally I was not an enthusiastic guitar player, but as I got used to India, time to pick up the guitar has increased and I found the drawbacks of this guitar that I have not noticed before.

Early-style Martin Backpacker is a very advanced and beautiful design, but playability and sound are sacrificed by it. I can not sit and play, It has only 16 frets. Because there is no truss rod in the neck, only extra light gauge strings can be used. So the volume is small. Head dropping is severe. To raise the volume it would be nice to open another sound hole on the body side, but I hesitated to remodel the AC/DC signature.

Fantasized the ideal travel guitar

I did not know whether it could be realized, but decided to design my own travel guitar for the moment. For amateurs, it seemed the most difficult to manufacture neck and fret board, so I decided to divert it from other guitars (Ferunandes Nomad) and made detachable of short scale,·22 frets specification. In order to sit and play, to hang the right side of the body, to relieve the head falling, I brought the strap pin position to the left and made it a Stratocaster style. I added the sound hole on the side for the monitor.

Piezo can make good sound

Meanwhile, the DAW also resumed. In the past you needed a number of synthesizers, effectors, and mixers, but now it's enough for a laptop computer and an audio interface. Pasting the contact piezo microphone on Martin Backpacker, and passing through the amp simulator in the PC makes it easy to reproduce "that sound". It was the moment I found out that I do not have to use Hambacker pickup.

Found a guitar manufacturer

In 2016 I found a guitar manufacturer in Kolkata by chance. I completed my idea right away and tried ordering. What was completed in two months was that the playability was bad and the sound was not satisfactory either. I tried to change the design and reorder, but the owner declined what the employee had made without permission, I decided to look for another manufacturer.

It was introduced from a dealer of Indian musical instruments I was keen to know that an old man was making some acoustic guitars with a flea and a canna at his hut. He can not understood English. But I show a 1/1 design drawing he said he try. There is no reason not to place an order.

Amp simulator in iPhone

At that time, I got the used iPhone 5 and found that the music creation apps are substantial. Tuner, Tablature viewer, DAW and many Amp simulators. However, the sound was good but the wiring was complicated. There are also three cables from the audio interface to the iPhone, guitar and earphone. Recent earphones have only 1.2 m cable. Putting the iPhone on the desk makes me feel strange posture.The idea that the audio interface builting into the guitar came straight to me. In addition, I decided to know the product that uses the magnet to fix the iPhone to the car and I got the idea. Refined the design, fit the width of the guitar to iPhone 5, to be placed between the strap pin and the side sound hole.

I Got It!

It was the 3rd time I got a guitar as I designed (some pictures took at Zanskar is the second one). The sound is not bad. A lot of travelers says they want it. It meens that it is time to think about mass production.


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